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The Jerusalem Khan Theatre is the major creative repertory theatre in Jerusalem.

The theatre maintains a permanent company of actors and is committed to produce 5-6 new critically acclaimed plays each season, in addition to its repertoire of about 12-15 ongoing productions. These include original Israeli plays, often written specifically for the ensemble, as well as classical and modern European and American plays.

It considered by arts critics to be the theatre that has generated the most groundbreaking work of the last few years. Our productions have garnered significant audience praise.

Regarded as a unique gem of the Jerusalem cultural landscape, the Khan has merited considerable recognition and appreciation and has won a number of prestigious prizes.

The Khan Theatre is located in one of the most beautiful and unique buildings in Jerusalem. The current building dates back to the 19th century Ottoman period. In 1967, former Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek saved the building from demolition by transforming the ancient site into a new and vibrant cultural center.

The Khan is an anchor to the Jerusalem cultural scene, actively engaging residents and reducing emigration from the city. The unique building, the charming courtyard and the special atmosphere have always dictated the nature of the theatre and the intimate connection that it offers with the audience.

Khan theatre front view from street, night time
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