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A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Comedy by William Shakespeare

Translation: Dori Parnes

Thezeus the duke  and Hypolita the queen of Amazons are getting married this evening.

The guests are arriving, the wedding video is being shown when suddenly the festivities are interrupted.

Hermia who is betrothed to Demetrius is found in the arms of Lysander. At her father’s request, Thesius orders Hermia to marry Demetrius otherwise she will be either sent to a convent or executed.

Hermia and Lysander decide to flee the city. Helena, Demetrius’s former lover and Hermia’s best friend, tells Demetrius of the escape and he hurries to follow the couple with Helena at his heals.

Meanwhile the staff at the wedding hall decide to put on a play for the guests at Theseuis and Hypolita’s wedding. The star of the play is Bottom the waiter.

During the escape from the city, the four lovers find themselves lost in the forest.

The forest kingdom is in a flurry because of a quarrel that erupted between Titania and Oberon – queen and king of the fairies, the latter deciding to have his revenge on Titania.

The lovers are caught in the midst of the excitement and their passions and emotions are brought to the test of love.

Also, Bottom the waiter who, together with his friends, was rehearsing their play in the forest, is drawn into Oberon’s revenge plans and discovers that he has surprising qualities.

When morning breaks and everyone returns to the wedding celebration, the forest seems like a dream.

The events they experienced in the forest still echo within them and allow Theseus and Hippolyta , eventually, to choose each other anew and rejoice in their marriage.

Duration: About 1 hour and 45 minutes (without intermission)

Digital Playbill

Directing: Shir Goldberg
Set Design: Adam Keler
Costume Design: Natasha Tuchman Polyak
Music:Daniel Salomon
Lighting Design: Roni Cohen

Choreograpyh: Ariel Wolf

Video art: Amir Tal
Dialogue Coach: Asi Eshed


Yossi Eini,Carmit Mesilati-Kaplan, Nir Ron, Lior Blaus, Yehoyachin Friedlander, Guy Gurevitch, Nili Rogel, Ariel Wolf, Daniel Gal, Natalie Eliezerov, Yoav Hyman, Erez Shafrir, Itai Szor.

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