A Far Away Song From Long Ago | תיאטרון החאן

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A Far Away Song From Long Ago

A Lyrical Comedy

Written and directed by Michael Gurevitch

“We decided to create a new play. Our spirits were kind of low because of all that wasd going on and we were apprehensive avout what was yet to come. We all agreed that the previous plans should be stopped and the thing to do  should be something which would raise the mood of our audience and ourselves.”

Eight actors meet after a play at a small café near the theatre in order to find an idea for a new play. Whilst eating and drinking and in front of the astounded waitress they find that the play has its own rules and ideas and also that its paths are not separate from those of life itself. Some of the actors change their personalities and discover in their friends and in themselves new faces –  humoristic, surprising, ,elancholy. The outside world also penetrates into the little café, casting its shadow and leaving behind its telltale signs during the night which begins just before midnight and ends with the breaking of dawn.

Duration: About 1 hour and 10 minutes (without intermission)

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Directing: Michael Gurevitch
Set Design: Svetlana Breger
Costume Design: Judit Aharon
Music: Daniel Salomon
Lighting Design: Roni Cohen


Arie Tcherner, Nili Rogel, Nir Ron, Itai Szor, Natalie Eliezrov, Guy Gurevitch, Irit Pashtan, Yoav Hyman, Ariel Wolf

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