The Divide | תיאטרון החאן

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The Divide

By Einat Yakir

The lives of a married couple and the landlord of the flat in which they live, are connected through a distressing incident in their past. When the land lord demands they vacate the flat, the woman resists this with all her might and by doing so drags the three of them into a complex, fantastical and unpredictable relationship.


This is a new play written by the auther Einat Yakir who has won Ha’aretz prize for the best short story in the year 2000 for the story “eclipse” as well as the woman of the year in literature prize in 2003 and the Prime Minister Prize for Literature as in the year 2009.

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Directing: Oded Kotler
Set and costume Design: Frida Klapholz-Avrahami
Music: Boaz Shchori
Lighting Design: Roni Cohen


Nili Rogel, Nir Ron, Yosi Eini, Yehudit Mandelbaum

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