The Merry Wives of Windsor | תיאטרון החאן

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The Merry Wives of Windsor

by William Shakespeare

Falstaff arrives in Windsor very short on money. He decides, to obtain financial advantage, that he will court two wealthy married women, Mistress Ford and Mistress Page. Falstaff decides to send the women identical love letters. The husbands are told of Falstaff’s intentions. Page is not concerned, but the jealous Ford decides to disguise himself as ‘Master Brook’ so that he can find out Falstaff’s plans. Meanwhile, two different men are trying to win the hand of Page’s daughter,Anne. Mistress Page would like her daughter to marry Doctor Caius, a French physician, whereas the girl’s father would like her to marryMaster Slender.Who will lovelyAnne choose? The contenders enlist the help of the noseyMistress Quickly but the plot thickens when Doctor Caius challenges Evans, who speaks for Slender, to a duel. The Host of the Garter intervenes at the right moment.

The “merry wives” are not interested in the overweight Falstaff as a suitor; however, for fun and to gain revenge, they pretend to respond to his advances. Mr. Ford as ‘Mr. Brook’ offers to pay Falstaff to court Mistress Ford for him. Falstaff cannot believe his luck.When he arrives to meet Mistress Ford, the rendez vous is unpleasantly interrupted, but he is whisked away in the nick of time. The second assignation is similarly broken, and again he is chased away without being caught.

Eventually the wives tell their husbands about the series of jokes they have played on Falstaff, and together they devise one last trick which ends up with the Knight being humiliated in front of the whole town. Master Ford learns to trust his wife, Anne escapes her unwanted suitors, all’s well that ends well.

Duration: About 1 hour and 30 minutes (without intermission)

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Based on the Translation by: Nissim Aloni
Directing: Udi Ben-Moshe
Set Design: Svetlana Breger
Costume Design: Judit Aharon
Lighting Design: Roni Cohen
Music: Ady Cohen
Editing: Miriam Yahil-Wax


Yahav Gal, Itai Szor, Arie Tcherner, Yoav Hyman, Erez Shafrir, Jonathan Miller, Guy Gurevitch, Yael Toker, Irit Pashtan, Daniel Gal, Odelya Moreh-Matalon, Ariel Wolf, Yehoyachin Friedlander, David Ben Zeev

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