The next door | תיאטרון החאן

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The next door

by Fabrice Roger-Lacan

She is a psychologist. He is a salesman. They are both single and live across the hall from each other. Just like millions of singles in the city, they constantly surf the net exploring dating sites in search for love. Also, they do not miss an opportunity to quarrel with each other either at his place or hers or, at times, in the hallway. When they each finally find their soul mates they cannot resist the pleasure of one last quarrel, or is it the last..?

Duration: About 1 hour (without intermission)

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Translation: Menachem Carmi, Daniella Carmi
Directed by: Erez Shafrir
Set Design: Lily Ben Nachshon
Music: Itamar Gross
Lighting Design: Roni Cohen
Costume Design: Elinor Zilbermann
Editing: Dori Parnes


Liron Baraness, Carmit Mesilati-Kaplan

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