Uncle Vania | תיאטרון החאן

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Uncle Vania

by Anton Chekhov

Vania and his niece Sonia live and work in a small rural estate in 19th century Russia. They live a very modestlife and they hide their feelings and aspirations. The return to the estate of Vania’s brother in law – the retired Professor Srerbriakov, and his beautiful second wife Yelena – breaks the emotional barriers and exposes hidden passions. The whole family is sucked into a dangerous emotional whirlpool. The play opens with an impending storm, the air is heavy, the sky is dark and no one has the energy for anything but drinking tea, vodka and wine and momentarily slipping into fantasies of love, freedom, self fulfillment, a different future. This is Chechov’s Russia on the eve of the revolution – stormy and helpless, frustrated and emotional, dreamy and unaware, tragic and ridiculous. The future it faces will indeed be different.

Duration: About 1 hour and 45 minutes (without intermission)

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Translation: Rivka Meshulach Directed by: Michael Gurevitch Set Design: Svetlana Breger Costume Design: Maor Zabar Lighting Design: Roni Cohen Music: Josef Bardanashvili Dialogue Coach: Noga Yetomi


Odelya More-Matalon, Arie Tcherner, Yehoyachin Friedlander, Yoav Hyman, Nir Ron, Irit Pashtan, Natali Elazarov, Daniel Gal

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